Neal Emmons

Neal is the founder and visionary of Project One. He is passionate about making a difference in the community and helping students from single-parent families. Neal’s dedication to our mission began from a personal experience.

Raised by a single mother, Neal watched his mom work tirelessly to provide for his sister and him. She worked a full-time job and two part-time jobs to bring in extra income. They always had food on the table and never lacked the basic necessities of life. But when it came time to graduate from high school, it was clear that college tuition was not in the budget.

That’s when close family friends stepped in and changed his life. Out of sheer generosity and kindness, they provided the funds necessary to send him to college. He is forever grateful to those individuals who gave so much – when they could have easily looked the other way. He founded Project One to provide the same life-changing opportunity that he experienced.

Michelle JonesFounder